What would a gay Gossip Girl be like?

After watching so many episodes of Gossip Girl I began to wonder what major “girl” shows would be like if the characters were switched out for gay ones? If Carrie Bradshaw was a gay writer, would Mr. Big have been such an issue, or would some other stereotypical male have had to take his place. I know I almost lost it when Chuck kissed that guy because Blair needed an in to a social event, but what if instead of Blair we were dealing with Blaine?

That’s why I wanted to start writing this blog, I want to disappear into a world where the gay man reigns supreme and can talk about all the goings on of the world, making the snide remark when necessary. I hope all of you are going to want to flip the “bitch switch” with me and tear the Twin Cities to little pieces of rainbow (possibly with little stains of blood and semen)(not necessarily in that order)

Knife in hand,

The Lavender Godfather